Customize Thank You Page Heading in WooCommerce

The default “Order Received” heading on the WooCommerce Thank You page can be customized to suit your store’s branding or messaging better. By using a simple code snippet, you can replace this default heading with a custom one.

Change Thank You Page Heading

* Snippet Name:  Change Thank You Page Heading
* Snippet Author:

//changing "order received" heading
function wps_custom_thankyou_page_heading( $thankyou_title, $order ) {
    // Change the thank you page heading here
    $thankyou_title = 'Your Custom Thank You Heading';

    return $thankyou_title;
add_filter( 'woocommerce_endpoint_order-received_title', 'wps_custom_thankyou_page_heading', 10, 2 );

Code Explanation

  • This code snippet uses the woocommerce_endpoint_order-received_title filter hook to modify the heading displayed on the Thank You page.
  • The custom_thankyou_page_heading function takes two parameters: the default heading ($thankyou_title) and the order object ($order).
  • Inside the function, the $thankyou_title variable is assigned the desired custom heading text.
  • Finally, the modified heading is returned to be displayed on the Thank You page.

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