Speed up your WordPress Development

Display post divider in between post in WordPress

Well, adding a divider between the posts makes it more clear and gives orderly look. Here is the snippet to add a divider between the posts skipping the last post. In the above code, we are adding condition if the current post + 1 is lesser than the number of the post count then we

Change post excerpt length in WordPress

By default in WordPress, the length of the excerpt is 55 words.However, what if you wanted to show more or less than 55 words for the post excerpt for this we have a small snippet that will help to change the length of the excerpt to 30 words. You can adjust the limit of words

Change admin footer text in WordPress

If you don’t want the WordPress default admin footer text then this snippet may help you to edit the code to add your own links, text, or anything that you desired to add to your admin footer. Paste the code in the function.php file in the child theme and add what you like. in the

Add a custom dashboard logo in WordPress

Have you ever thought of changing the dashboard logo in WordPress?Alternatively, ever wonder about branding your site by adding just a logo. So here is a small snippet that helps to replace the default logo with your branding logo. First, add the logo image in the thems’s images folder, or if you don’t find such

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