Removing billing fields in WooCommerce

A website that sells wallpaper images or e-books will not need such fields and company information so this snippet helps to remove the unnecessary fields from the checkout page. In the below image, you can see the default checkout form. Now let’s insert the following to function.php in your child theme. Here in the above

Add custom billing fields in WooCommerce

Besides removing all unnecessary fields, adding useful fields to the page is also significant. Use this snippet to add the desired fields on your checkout page. Look below the default checkout form given in the image. Now let’s Add this to your function.php in the child theme. In the above function first, we are forming

Add custom checkout fields in WooCommerce

You can add many fields in the billing and shipping form by following snippets but what if we want to add fields outside it on the checkout form so to do that follow this code. In the below image check the default fields provided. Now let’s add the field to the form. Add the following

Two column checkout in WooCommerce

Is it possible to arrange the checkout in 2 columns? Yes, here is the simple snippet which helps to add 2 columns. This is useful when you want to shorten some fields in the billing form. So let’s give it a try. Please practice this code in your child theme style.css file

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