How to show popular posts by views in WordPress

This is a bit cunning snippet. However, if you want to showcase your favorite posts without any plugin installation then this is the best way to do so. Just follow this snippet.Paste the following to the function.php file in your child theme. In this function we are first, checking if the existing is a single

How to show post thumbnail to RSS feed in WordPress

If you wish to show post thumbnail image in your RSS feed instead of text content. Then here is the useful snippet function. It will add the post feature thumbnail before your content.Add the following function to the function.php file in your child theme. Here in the above function, we are checking the post feature

Fallback featured image in WordPress

Do you want to set a fallback featured image?If yes then here is the snippet for it. It is helpful when you do not have any featured image in your post, you can display your desired image or your company logo as your post featured image. First, upload the image to your theme image folder.

How to disable admin bar in WordPress

The WordPress admin bar provides several links such as adding new posts, pages, etc. However, if you want to remove such options, here is the solution for it. Paste the following to the function.php in your child theme. Here we are simply using add_filter to remove the admin bar by returning false.

How to disable search feature in WordPress

The Search feature of WordPress is around for a long time. However, if you do not want your users to search through your site for some reason, then this snippet will be helpful. It not just removes the search bar in your sidebar menu but removes the entire concept of WP search. This can be

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